Kaitlyn's Web Design Page

About Me:

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Some stuff about me is that I like, the color purple and I have two favorite animals; sloths and cats.

About My Friends:

I have a close group of friends, some of them are; Jace and Jade.

About My Family:

I live with my dad, uncle, and grandfather.

My Hobbies:

My hobbies mostly involve drawing and storytelling/writing stories.

My Faviorte Songs:

My faviortie song artists is Mitski. I enjoy her songs and the melody of the songs.

My Class Schedule:
Period Class Teacher
1 P.E. Lack
2 American History Barker
3 Music Appreciation Cook
4 Advisory Pullam
5 Earth Science Miller
6 LA l Smith
7 Pree-Algebra Bottorff
8 Web Design Pullam